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Where you've seen our models...

Magazine PLAYBOY Magazine - June 2006

See STARE's own KARA MONACO as Playmate of the YEAR!
Magazine PLAYBOY Magazine - April 2006

See STARE's own HOLLEY DORROUGH as the centerfold!
Magazine Sports Illustrated 2006 Swimsuit Edition

Ashley Smith - Full page ad (page 13)
Vanessa Hoelsher - Full page ad (page 35)
Calendar Spring Break 2006 Calendar

Shana Prevette - Front COVER
Also featuring Laura Davis and Jessica Jones.
Calendar HOOTERS - 2006 Calendar

Anna Burns - Front COVER
Breanne Ashley, Melisa Poe - Back cover
Shana Prevette, Ericka Underwood, Kaylee McClary, Brittany King, Renee' Baker, Laura Davis, and more inside!
Magazine PLAYBOY Magazine - November 2005

See STARE's own RAQUEL GIBSON as the centerfold! We got 3 in 1 year!
Magazine PLAYBOY Magazine - September 2005

See STARE's own VANESSA HOELSHER as the centerfold! 2nd one this year!
Magazine PLAYBOY Magazine - June 2005

See STARE's own KARA MONACO as the centerfold!
Calendar HOOTERS - 2005 Calendar

Marsha Posey - Centerfold
Melisa Poe - Miss November
Brianna Wilson - May

Calendar Spring Break 2005 Calendar

Melisa Poe - December 2004
Laura Davis - January 2005
Ashley Smith - March 2005
Jennifer Copeland - June 2005
Carla Coleman - October 2005

Magazine MAXIM - December 2004

Brittany Cripliver

FIRST PLACE in MAXIM's Hometown Hotties!
Magazine FHM - December 2004

CJ Gibson

Magazine Playboy's NUDES - 2004

Kara Monaco, Jessica Barton
Magazine MAXIM - August 2004

Emily Knight, Jennifer Brown, Amber Dawn, Stacie Sullivan, Brittany C

Featured in Hometown Hotties
Magazine STUFF - August 2004

Jill Scott, Charity Hodges

Featured in NOPI pictorial
Magazine PLAYBOY - August 2004

Kara Monaco

America's Sexiest Bartenders
Magazine Playboy's Girls of Summer - 2004
Kara Monaco

See Kara on the cover!
Magazine Playboy's Book of Lingerie - May/June 2004
Mandy Ashford

See Mandy on the cover!
Magazine STUFF - March 2004

Shana Prevette

Explore HER 7-page pictorial
Calendar CINCINNATI BENGALS - 2004 Calendar

Jessica K

Featured as Miss July
Calendar HOOTERS - 2004 Calendar

Shana Prevette

Featured as Miss January
Magazine American Health & Fitness - Dec/Jan 2004
Olivia Wellington
photograph by Antonio Gallippi

Full-page editorial on page 121
Magazine FHM - September 2003

Olivia & Nicolette

Check them out on pages 48 & 52!
Magazine MAXIM - September 2003

Jessica K

Featured in the "Girls of the NFL" page 136
Magazine SPORT TRUCK - September 2003

Jill Scott

COVER and featured pictorials
Magazine MAXIM - August 2003

Jennifer Copeland, Jill Scott

Featured in Hometown Hotties
Magazine MAXIM - July 2003

Jennifer Copeland

Magazine ESCAPE - July 2003

Jill Scott

Featured on the COVER and pictorial
Film DUMB AND DUMBERER - June 2003

SIX STARE Models appear as extras

Jill Scott appears in this 1-hour bikini documentary, filmed in Curacao!
Magazine FHM - May 2003

Kelly Turner

Hometown Honeys
TV WILD ON E! - 2003

Jill Scott appears in Wild On E! from the Playboy Mansion

Jill Scott appears on MTV Cribs from the Playboy Mansion

Melissa appears in "One of those Days"
Calendar HOOTERS - 2003 Calendar

Katie Hadorn
Magazine ALABAMA WEDDINGS - 2003

Kelly Turner

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